Tuesday, 29 January 2013

KoffeeKlub Evening 3rd February

Sparks will fly this Sunday as we take on another classic eurogame, Power Grid by Friedemann Friese

Power Grid is a strategic game about balancing your expanding network of power stations with your ability to power them up. The player who best achieves this balance (at the right price) will ultimately win.  

KoffeeKlub meet at The Black Knight Gaming Centre every Sunday between 7pm and 11pm.

Power Grid


  1. Gary interested to know how you got on with Power Grid. Just purchased it myself recently and plan to take to the next club meetup. It plays 6, I think. What numbers works best for a starter game.

  2. I'd say it's sweet spot is with four or five and although I'm yet to play it with six, that should be pretty strong too. Not many games ramp as well as it does. Enjoy!