Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hillfolk RPG - Session 2 (pt 3): FEAR

Here is the final part of the write up for the Hillfolk game on Wednesday last. It was not an overlong session but we generated a lot of content. It would be fair to say that we covered a lot more ground than we would have in a standard roleplaying game. It was also great that the episode system lead us in a very natural way to create a complete mini-story in one evenings play while introducing plot point to be resolved in the next episode.

I will start with the additional background details that were introduced this week, italics indicate player created details.

Whenever you have to lump the northerner and southerners together, you simply call them "the people". In other languages you are collectively known by various names all of which mean "Hillfolk", or sometimes "the rude ones."
Although differences of detail separate you from your northern brothers, you follow the same religion. Whilst many follow new ideas such as the belief that there is but one god of the Hillfolk, others hold to ancient and darker ways and follow the Old Gods.The old ways are lead in worship by a Seer who is chosen by the gods, rites of the New religion have new leaders including the Seedbearers.
Will Eagleeye kill his friend?
Scene12 - (Dramatic scene called by GM; Cast - Goldmane v Eagleeye; When - before the raiding party left Bullhead) Goldmane calls Eagleeye to his chambers and tells him that he knows that Eagleeye is angry that he was not chosen as raid commander and offers him the spearhead token of the raid commander. He asks that all Eagleeye must do is ensure that Strongarm does not return from the raid (Outcome Eagleeye agrees +1 drama token to Dave)

Scene13 - (Procedural scene called by Trevor; Cast - Forest, Eagleeye, Arrow and Fury; When - Dawn near the Stag camp) The scouting led by Forest try to determine location and numbers of the Deerhunter camp. Strangely no patrols are found and the only recent tracks found are a small force leading away from the camp (Outcome Failure)

Strongarm besieged
Scene14 - (Dramatic scene called by Andy; Cast - Strongarm v Patch; When - simultaneous with Scene13) Strongarm approaches Patch and reveals to his brother that he is unsure that has taken the tribe on the right path. He admits that he should have taken the Gift the Gods offered to him. Patch reassures him that that does not matter and that he is on the right course (Outcome Patch concedes +1 drama token to Andy)

Scene15 - (Dramatic scene called by Dave; Cast - Eagleeye v Strongarm; When - Flashback until after scene11, Early morning) Eagleeye confesses to Strongarm that he has had dreams sent by the Old Gods in which he must kill Strongarm. He also confesses that he accepted the Spearhead token from Goldmane to kill Strongarm. Eagleeye asks for forgiveness and that Strongarm trusts him. (Outcome Strongarm agrees +1 drama token to Dave)

Scene16 - (Procedural scene called by GaryG ; Cast - all main characters and rest of Raiding party; Where - The Deerhunter camp) The raiding party splits into the Bull Horn formation with Eagleeye taking the right horn and Arrow leading the left. The raiding party is met by no resistance when they enter the village and there they find all the Deerhunter tribe dead with their hearts cut out. Arrow asks Eagleeye which direction the tracks he found led and Eagle points back towards Bullhead where now a plume of smoke rises. Arrow turns to Strongarm and states "You will have your war after all" (Outcome ended through narration )

Another episode will follow next week

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