Friday, 5 April 2013

The Kidnapping Pt1 - A Trail Of Cthulhu Scenario

Hot on the heels of the fine Hillfolk RPG we have started a relatively short Trail Of Cthulhu scenario, "The Kidnapping" - from the Arkham Detective Tales.

A young child has been kidnapped from the Corneliszes, a wealthy New York family, and the investigators have been called in to help track down the child.

Our Cast

Rex McPhearson - Rex is a rough, what you see is what you get, private investigator from the heart of Brooklyn (N.Y.) He lives and breathes the place.

Driven by an innate curiosity, Rex has no qualms with taking the odd short cut to get the job done. For him the ends almost always justify the means.       

Dr. Mallister
Dr.Oliver Mallister - A Park Avenue psychiatrist and somewhat of an idealist, Dr Mallister believes that ultimately intellect will triumph and that the innate goodness of man will shine through. He wants to better understand the world around him and to delve deeper into the events surrounding the raid at the Red Hook.

His dabblings into the occult have widened his perspective and brought him into contact with Agent Gibbs through a long-standing P.I. acquaintance Rex McPhearson. Gibbs is a charmless man, but he has excellent access to official files from the Red Hook case. 

Agent Gibbs
Agent Gibbs - Excelling at just about everything he puts his hand to, Gibbs was head-hunted by the F.B.I. who were targeting talented young men to lead their growing fight against organised crime. 

Unfortunately Gibbs' by-the-book arrogance won him few friends in the bureau and he soon found himself working out of a field office in New York City neck deep in files that few others would touch.

Maybe by scooping this high-profile kidnapping case he can kick-start his career.  
A Missing Child

Having pulled an all-nighter, Agent Gibbs was running on a heavy mix of caffeine and nicotine just to keep pace with his backlog of paperwork. Something had to give. As his mind drifted the central phone rang and he leaned over to pick up the call. 

A first he thought it a hoax. A Col. Ellis calling in to report a missing child. Gibbs took down some notes and flicked through his roll-a-dex for a number he could re-direct the man to. Then Ellis mentioned the name Cornelisze... ...and that brought Gibbs back "THE Cornelisze, of Westchester?" Gibbs asked. Col. Ellis confirmed and Gibbs said that he'd be there within the hour. Checking his watch he made it a little after 6 a.m.

The Cornelisze Mansion, Westchester
Agent Gibbs needed to keep the story away from the press and turned to someone he could trust to help with the early parts of the investigation. Rex McPhearson was unorthodox, but usually very effective. "Bring along that doctor friend of yours too, we may need some of his advice in dealing with the parents."

A short time later they met at the Cornelisze's home in Westchester. Approaching the house Rex pointed towards a strange shape burned into the front wall of the building. Gibbs was already beginning to feel a little uneasy about this one...

<part 2>

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