Saturday, 30 June 2012

GamesReport: 24-Jun-12 QCon19-Day 3

Sunday @ QCon19

Thanks to Starbucks for keeping us awake on Sunday
Sunday morning came early and truth be told this convention seemed to be over in the blink of a eye. This was due no doubt to the fact that we filled every available moment playing games, and I don't recall any QCON that I got more games in. This came at a cost however and convention fatigue slowed us down in the first session of Sunday. Thankfully Starbucks helped us out with some welcome espresso and we arrived at the Queens University Students Union building on time and ready if out raring to go.

Game of Thrones

Witness the Blockade of Pyke
After we had publicised that we were going to play Fantasy Flight's second edition version of the excellent Game of Thrones boardgame we got a lot of interest and I think that all the six available slot were filled early on Saturday. As it turned out two of these people had not the stamina of the more experienced convention attendees amongst us and they were shamefully no shows. The two available seats were soon filled however and the game got underway with random selection of Houses.

 Koffeeklub regular AndyA took his customary Baratheon position and GaryG and myself swapped our previous positions with Stark and Lannister respectively. Separating the two Gary's was Chris taking the dangerous Greyjoy House and to the south of the seven kingdom John and Colin (like myself of tabletopnorth extraction) took the Tyrell and Martel Houses respectively.

I started aggressively seeking to take Greyjoy out of the game early and give myself a little breathing room. My assault was interrupted when a sizeable Tyrell army arrived at my southern border forcing me to divert a army I had planned to strike at Chris to make a point with John that such incursion would not be tolerated. This led to a swift and bloody exchange that left John and my armies decimated and both of us hamstrung and effectively out of the running for most of the game.

I became a whipping boy for the rest of the game and with all the attention off the north and east Stark and Baratheon were able to build their strength. It was Colin's first game and he squared off admirably with the slightly more experienced John, and drew AndyA into the conflict as well. When it became clear that Stark had been allowed too much rope and GaryG had built his armies well attentioned turned to the north in the mid game. Gary saw the threat and made his move attacking Greyjoy and Baratheon and for a couple of turns it looked as if Stark had it in the bag. However he was way over-stretched and this allowed my Lannister to sweep north and take Winterfell. The last battle was between Stark and Baratheon with the Lannisters winning should the Baratheon's lose. Ironically the Greyjoy support in the battle give the well deserved win to AndyA.

AndyA was a worthy  victor
A not so worthy GaryB

Watch this space for a KoffeeKlub review of this fantastic board game coming soon

Ticket to Ride

After lunch and yet another Starbucks coffee we had a stab at Ticket to Ride. AndyA and GaryG were familiar with the rules of this simple but involving game, but it didn't take long for me to pick it up. I suspect that Gary and AndyA took it easy on me at one point in the game when I had signal posted my intended route across America and there was an opportunity to block me haflway which would have ruined my game. In the end I won quite handily which is good for I badly needed the coffee beans for the Koffeeklub league.

Trev had been keen to play this game all weekend but couldnt make it for the Sunday. We will definately bring this game soon to a Sunday night Koffeeklub meeting.

Another Pandemic

We will defeat you ... oh yes!
We had another crack at Pandemic to finish off the convention and yet again we were defeated by the four mega-virii. We are starting to think that GaryG needs to go away and play this game solo for a while. He definately is holding us back and badly needs practice to up his game. ;)

Seriously though I like that this is a very challenging collaborative game and in that it reminds me of Arkham Horror before we got the beating of that game. I believe that we are going to give this game another attempt next Sunday.

Convention Round-up

I really enjoyed this years convention. It was huge in terms of numbers and all credit to the QCON organisers for another fantastically well managed event. It did feel that we were shoe-horned in to the SU building this year though and there are indications that we have outgrown this venue. It seems likely that the gamers will be pushed out to outlying buildings and I fear that this will further diversify the gaming and non-gaming portions of QCON. I have every confidence though that next years organising committee will resolve this problem.

One thing is for sure we will be there and I for one cannot wait

Thursday, 28 June 2012

GamesReport: 23-Jun-12 QCon19-Day 2

Welcome to the second of KoffeeKlub's daily QCon GameReports. If you haven't already caught the Friday GameReport you can check it out here.

Saturday @ QCon19

Clements once again was our friend and provided our early morning caffeine shot as we settled down in the board gaming area - so what to play?

Undecided, we opened with a quick game of Zombie Dice before moving on to Bohnanza, a light(ish) German bean trading card game from AMIGO Spiel.  (1997)

Beans, not cowboys!
Bohnanza is a game about trading, planting and harvesting different beans in order to make more money than your fellow players. Oddly, unlike most card games, you cannot alter the order of your hand except through trading cards away and immediately planting the cards that you receive from the trade. 

Beans of the same type must be planted together and beans yield different returns based on their value (depends on how frequent they are in the deck). 

Beans with no name?
Players are challenged early in the game as their two bean fields are quickly planted, so good hand management and effective trading are both key to your success.

Overall, Bohnanza should not to be taken too seriously. I have the German version of the game and much fun can be had during trading as players create their own English names for the different bean types...

...the Boxing bean, the Fire bean, the Shit bean and the Puke bean... we've heard most of the "translations" already :) 

Our morning closed with a second failed attempt to beat Pandemic. There was much discussion about what we could do differently next time... inner voice was screaming - "drop these clowns and play it solo!"

Lunch was pizza and more Zombie Dice at the Parlour across from the student's union building.

Original, still the best?
After that we went our separate ways for the afternoon session, AndyA demoed Guards! Guards! for the Blackspindle guys and I headed down to the role-playing area for the Al Darragh Memorial Cup: Call of Cthulhu - A Shadow over Belfast. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, but find myself preferring the Trail of Cthulhu system ahead of Chaosium's original Call of Cthulhu. Multiple percentile rolls for plot-driving clues can be frustrating and Trail handles that sort of thing so much better.

We dined at The Other Place for our evening meal. It sounds vaguely supernatural, but actual offers fairly plain fare. Ideal for hungry gamers! 

Thunderstone Hooo!
Promises of a Pub Quiz and much alcohol drifted into more gaming as Swami kindly hosted Thunderstone, another AEG game. 

Thunderstone, similar in many ways to Dominion, is a fantasy deck-building game. "Fight the evils of the dungeon to prove your worth. Gain powerful weaponry and level into new and mighty hero classes. Claim the best cards and survive to take the Thunderstone."

I struggled a little to come up with the right card combos, but I did like the theme of the game more than I do with Dominion. Dominion may still be the stronger game and I'm not sure that you could justify having both in your collection, certainly worth a second look though.

Finally we made it to the bar and spent the rest of the evening drinking and playing pool. Home for 2am...

What state will we be in on Sunday for our Game of Thrones showpiece?

Find out in Sunday's GamesReport coming soon to a blog near you.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

KoffeeKlub Evening 1st July

What you looking at?
Having just about shaken our post QCon hangovers, KoffeeKlub will be meeting in Whitehead Primary School on Sunday 1st July 2012 from 7-11pm.

Our featured games this week will be Castle Panic, by Fireside Games and Pandemic, by Z-Man Games. As always everyone is welcome to join us for a coffee or two and some damn fine board games.

See you there!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

GamesReport: 22-Jun-12 QCon19-Day 1

It's taken me a few days to recover and catch up on my sleep, but as QCon closes for another year, the KoffeeKlub look back on an epic weekend of top notch gaming!

Friday @ QCon19

Zombie Dice
Coffees in hand we found ourselves a quiet little space in the corner for a few rounds of Zombie Dice, a recent purchase for Mr Bingers, having played it last weekend during the TTN event at Nerdtopia.

Zombie Dice is a light press-your-luck style game similar to the older Pass The Pigs or Can't Stop in that you are trying to advance your score (eat brains in this case) before your luck runs out and you lose what progress you've already made (getting shot three times). It ranks quite poorly on the geek but still served us well at QCon as an opener and a few times over the weekend as we waited for our food to arrive during lunch/dinner breaks.

Next up, having seen quite a few plays at our regular KoffeeKlub meetings, was Bluff (aka Liars Dice or the dice game played in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest).

Bluff goes all the way up to eleven!
We had pulled together two full sets and wanted to open with a Mega game to get our QCon off to a good start. People were slow to join us in the beginning, but cries of "World Record Muff!" seemed to do the trick and eventually we went all the way up to eleven!

Trying to predict how many 4s there were with 50+ dice being rolled proved tricky, so we followed our record-breaking match with a couple of six-player tournament games.

Great craic all round!

Tensions rise during the Bluff Final!
Trev - our dealer
Our first meaty game for the evening was AEG's Nightfall hosted for us by Trev from his own private collection. In Nightfall you take control of various vampires, werewolves, and ghouls and try to deal damage to your opponents in the form of wound cards which then clog-up their deck.

Vampires and Werewolves and Ghouls
I always enjoy this one, especially when we play with one of the expansions, it can be tough to learn for newbies though and we had a couple with us for this game.

Ideally players need a game or two before they really begin to understand what to look for in the card-combos.

Our final offering for the evening was Pandemic, a co-operative game where the players are highly skilled CDC specialists working as a team to stop several virulent diseases as they sweep across the world. We'd played this one recently and failed in our efforts to save mankind... Would QCon be the turning point? ...hell no...... In fact we would fail in multiple attempts throughout the weekend to beat the game.

My only purchase at QCon was the expansion to Pandemic, On The Brink. We've provisionally agreed not to play this until we've beaten the base game first. Hmm...

All-in-all a great opening to QCon19 for the KoffeeKlub. By close on Friday we were tired, but still looking forward to a great weekend of gaming.

Watch out for Saturday's GameReport coming soon to the KoffeeKlub blog.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Koffeeklub @ QCON19

We've all been at Q-Con before. The good ones the bad ones and the downright average ones, but we keep coming back for more. What's that about?

> Love it or hate it, Q-Con is Ireland's flagship gaming event and represents an opportunity to meet up with old gaming friends from the past and perhaps to re-live the good old days by playing a game or two of Call of Cthulhu. 

> Q-Con is a weekend's a slice of's too much's too little's a new set of's a drink...or maybe it's two of all's tomorrow!!

This year @ Q-Con we'll be hosting a number of board, card and dice games, so we invite you to join us if you can.

Friday evening - Bluff event.

Saturday morning - Open board gaming session from around 11am until 2pm
Saturday afternoon - we'll be joining the Call of Cthulhu tournament from 3pm until 6pm
Saturday evening - At the Q-Con quiz

Sunday morning - Our big Game of Thrones (2nd Ed) game from around 11am until 2pm
Sunday afternoon - Open board gaming session from around 3pm until close at 6pm

If you want to join in please check out the registration desk or Table Top North's regular Q-Con stand. Our open gaming will offer up games such as Nightfall, Pandemic and A Few Acres of Snow.

Koffeeklub will be at Q-Con, hopefully you'll be there too!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

GamesReport: 17-Jun-12 Last Night On Earth

Our Zombie Weekend concluded with two games, Last Night On Earth, where the living dead descend upon small town America and the much lighter Lunch Money, a perfect excuse to verbally (and physically) attack your friends.

Last Night On Earth (LNOE)

The Sheriff gets some early "attention" ...
We had a solid four players for LNOE with the rules recommending that we split them into two "zombie" players and two "hero" players who each took control of two characters. In my experience spreading the zombie role over two players waters it down too much, so we elected to go with one zombie player (me) and four hero characters Jake Cartwright - The Drifter played by GaryB, Sheriff Anderson played by Trev, Billy - The Sheriff's Son played by AndyA and Sally - The Highschool Sweetheart played as a shared character.

The scenario seemed straight-forward enough, find the keys and some gas then Escape In The Truck parked in the centre of town. Simples!

Becky's last stand...
By turn three I had plunged the hospital into darkness and was munching on some Drifter brains turning GaryB's character into a zombie. He picked up Becky - The Nurse as a replacement and admired the fine detail in my paint job. Despite a few early wounds and the loss of the Drifter, the players held their own and made steady progress around town trying to locate the missing items.
At this point things started to go a little pear-shaped. Billy "he's slow ya know?" (AndyA) drew a hero card that let him search either the discard OR the draw deck for an item including one of the scenario items. He didn't read that bit and chose to take a balloon or something*. This would prove costly as dusk approached and the heroes slowly ran out of turns to escape.
Billy "he's slow ya know, but really good with a chainsaw" (AndyA) did have somewhat of a reprieve by saving Sally from the now undead drifter. It was all too little too late as a frantic Becky - The Nurse (GaryB) climbed onto the truck with a set of keys only to find that no-one else had made it back. The Sheriff (Trev) found a spare set of keys of his own, but was cut down before reaching the screaming nurse. As darkness fell over Whitehead the hapless Billy (AndyA) embraced Sally (Shared) one last time in a corner of the bank with zombies closing in around them... ...for our brave heroes it truly was their Last Night On Earth...

*He didn't really take a balloon, but did take something equally as useless! :)

3 beans to the zombie-master GaryG for the win.

Lunch Money

See you Jimmy!
By the end of the evening we really only had time for a couple of short games... We tried Lunch Money, a playground card game where you try to beat-up on your classmates at school and become quite literally the last boy standing!

We used the first game to get use to the card combos and then our evening descended into a tirade of kicks, punches, blocks, dodges, grabs, humiliations and pokes in the eye! Lots of fun, not for the sensitive souls though.

3 beans to GaryG, 3 beans to AndyA, 2 beans to GaryB and 1 bean to Trev.

A great night with great company! 

...we are all still friends, aren't we...?

Monday, 18 June 2012

A Few Acres of Snow (Part 1) - Starting Up

  This is the first in a short series of blog entries on the fine Martin Wallace game, A Few Acres of Snow. In Part 1 - Starting Up, I give a brief overview of the game and look at the initial board and deck setups.

 About the game...

 A Few Acres of Snow (AFAOS from here onwards) is a 2-player card-driven wargame set during the French & Indian wars (1754–1763), where France and Britain fought for control of the lands and resources in North America. Players take on the roll of either the French or British and begin the game with a preset deck of cards (1 & 2) and a preset board position representing their starting town/village locations (3).

(1) The French player's starting deck.
5 of these cards will be randomly drawn for the French player’s opening hand.

(2) The British player's starting deck.
5 of these cards will be randomly drawn for the British player’s opening hand.

(3) Partial view of the initial board setup.

 Your goal in AFAOS is to achieve more victory points than your opponent. This is done by settling new locations with villages (cubes), upgrading them to towns (discs) and by capturing your opponent’s villages/towns by force through sieges and Indian attacks.

 Most locations on the map, when controlled with a village or town marker, reward the player with victory points as indicated on the board by the little purple hexagons. You will notice from the initial board setup above that you begin the game with some locations already settled and therefore already have victory points to protect (4).

(4) The "Pemaquid" location is owned by the British player at the start of the game.

 In (4) above, Pemaquid is worth 2 victory points to the British player because of the red village (cube) marker. Should the British player upgrade the village to a town later in the game, the red cube will be replaced with a red disc and Pemaquid will then be worth double victory points.

... in Part 2 I will be taking a closer look at the card types and exploring some first turn options for each player ...

>>> Part 2

QCON19 Koffeeklub Pre-Convention Report

Look Chris is excited too!
Look Chris is excited too!
So the Koffeeklub is going to QCON this year. I'm actually quite excited about the convention this year. I am one of a dwindling band of those who remember the early QCONs and I was a fairly active member of the Dragonslayers club in those days. I missed the first convention as I was studying in Bournemouth University at the time but I have been at The convention every year since. QCON is a unique convention that I had a hand in building and I am very proud of it. The current Dragonslayers society have really upped their game though and the convention is now huge, kudos to them.

The Koffeeklub will be running a couple of games at the Con. We hope to share our passion for the game of Bluff and run a little mini-tournament as a participation game, also we will be bringing A Game Of Thrones board game to run for a session. Love this game. No idea which sessions we are going to schedule these events though. If you want to join in either return here to the Koffeeklub blog or check at the registration desk at the convention on Friday.

We hope to meet up with the Loaded Dice Club from Enniskillen at the weekend too. It will be good to have a drink or two and get to know the other board game club in the Province. Maybe play a few games too.

Anyways bring it on. My fellow koffeeklubbers and I will be blogging from the convention so drop by and see what we get up too

Sunday, 17 June 2012

KoffeeKlub Evening 17th June

Completing our weekend of horror, KoffeeKlub will be meeting in Whitehead Primary School on Sunday 17th June 2012 7-11pm. Our featured game this week will be Last Night On Earth, by Flying Frog Productions.

As always everyone is welcome to join us for this and a few other supporting games. A small contribution of £2 for the school is requested.

See you there!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

GamesReport: TTN Zombie Nerdtopia

Today the two Gary's met up with Sarah, Jackie, Posty and Chris from tabletopnorth at Nerdtopia in Belfast. First thanks to Nerdtopia for hosting and TTN for organising the gamesday. We had an epic game of Zombies with a couple of the add-ons shuffled in to add a little spice to the occasion. I know I'm biased, as founder member of TTN but they are really friendly bunch of guys and very welcoming. If you get a chance to attend one of their events you should make the effort. You won't be disappointed.

The Zombies game started very well though with six players it tended to be a little slow between turns. Posty and I skipped our first turns due to automatic cards in our opening hands, though we didnt mind as it allowed the others to put some city tiles down and allowing us to decide which way we wanted to head. The time between our turns was admirably spent in banter and less so in playing event cards on each other. The pain of losing a turn in a six player game can be extreme and when Chris played an minor card on GaryG the favour was repaid in spades when Gary made Chris lose the next turn.

I continued the viciousness a few turns later by placing a hospital and then playing a card which sent Jackie there and right into the middle of nine zombies. To her credit she was over the space of the next few turns able to fight through the lot coming out amongst the strongest players. Sarah focused her city building efforts on graveyard tiles only to have her character die from a zombie swarm after getting surrounded. The graveyard tiles are interesting and can be played as a separate game in their own right. They are a challenge though as we found out when I drew a card which filled every legal graveyard space with a zombie. We had about forty zombies pop into the game in one turn.

 My game revolved around finding items only to have them stolen by GaryG. Grr! I had a skateboard which allowed faster movement around the city a pick axe which I intended to clear out the graveyard with. I had to send GaryG all the way cross the city in retribution and an attempt to keep him away from the graveyard where he could have used my gear to great effect.

In a fit of madness Chris placed the helipad at the far end of the graveyard meaning that to win we had to fight our way heroically through the graveyard tiles. Most of us tried and failed to this, though GaryG stayed at the other side of the city and made a fair attempt to get to twenty five zombie kills and win the game. It was Posty who grabbed that honour with a legendary charge to the helipad. Epic.

Afterwards GaryG and I played a few games of Zombie Dice, and I really enjoyed it. I definately would buy this little pick up game. It takes minutes to play and is full of character. Thumbs up. KoffeeKlub and Tabletopnorth will be ganging up again at QCON next week. Say hello if you are around the tabletopnorth booth on the gaming floor.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

GamesReport: 10-Jun-12 Thieves of Cadwallon

The KoffeeKlub welcomed back Chris McClung this week. Chris had been an occasional Arkham member before that centre closed its doors and he is a friend from the tabletopnorth club in Belfast however this was Chris' first visit to the KoffeeKlub in Whitehead Primary. He got a introduction to the style of  play that we refer to as 'friendly competition' but could be more accurately described as backstabbing and treachery.

We started with a game of Thieves of Cadwallon. Normally we like to start with a few pick-up games and GaryG had brought Bhonanza for that purpose. However after reading some reviews of the Cadwallon game on boardgamegeek we decided that if we could get done with our first game in an hour or so that we could get a game of Pandemic in afterwards. To this end we attempted to set up and explain the rules in super quick time and this probably led to some confusion of the rules and mistakes being made. In the end the game took us two and a half hours to play. Needless to say we didn't get a second game in.

We will write up a players impression post on Thieves of Cadwallon in due time, but I think it is fair to say that whilst we all enjoyed the experience there was a feeling that the game was flawed in design and didnt have the depth of play that would mark it as an instant classic. The component are lovely and the ebb and flow of the game was fun. There were ample opportunities to do over your fellow players which always goes down well.

The game started well for AndyA who amassed a large amount off treasure in a single room and faced of a number of assaults from the guards and from fellow players and took an impressive lead. This lead to AndyA being targetted by a series of attacks leaving him much weaker later in the game. Chris took the lead in the mid game with strong use of the arcana cards to slow opponent characters down and during attacks. GaryG and GaryB played the long game and gathered loot and ducats of the rest of the players.

When became clear that GaryB was planning to win the game by looting the Duke's treasury by use of scenario specific special rule all of the rest of the players ganged up to prevent this from happening but in the end through use of a character special ability GaryB was able to sneak a thief into the treasure and successfully loot the amassed coins. The game swung in the balance between the two Gary's and it was down to GaryB making a second attempt to loot the treasury in the dying turns of the game. Victory then depended on a successful roll of 4 or under on a six sided dice (GaryB rolled a 4). After the use of a teleportation arcane card the plucky thief was able to skip out of the quarter before the guards and other players were able to stop here. Victory was assured.

League results: After a game of Thieves of Cadwallon scoring 5 beans to the winner and 3 to the runner up: GaryB was awarded 5 beans and GaryG was awarded 3 beans.

League results: After 4 games of Bluff scoring 2 beans to the winner and 1 to the runner up: GaryG and AndyA scored 2 wins each totalling 4 beans each. GaryB was runner-up in all 4 games earning him 4 beans.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

KoffeeKlub Evening 10th June

The KoffeeKlub will be meeting in Whitehead Primary School on Sunday 10th June 2012 7-11pm. Our featured game will be Cadwallon: City of Thieves , however there will be plenty of others games available. The KoffeeKlub June League continues this week and it is still all to play for. We ask only for £2 as a contribution to the school for the use of the room. As usual all are welcome.

Monday, 4 June 2012

GamesReport: 3-Jun-12 Guards! Guards!

Last night at the KoffeeKlub Guards! Guards! was on the table for the main game, but to warm ourselves into the evening, Bluff was brought out. Sadly my reign of terror came to a crashing end for the four games we played, I was the first out in 3 of them and second out in the last. Bingers lost out shortly after myself, but the big rollers, GaryG and TrevorH fought it out in every game with TrevorH winning all of them. Beginners’ luck I say.

League results: After 4 games of Bluff scoring 2 beans to the winner and 1 to the runner up: GaryG +6 beans TrevorH +6 beans, GaryB and AndyA +0 beans

Then it was time for the game from BackSpindle Games. With the game being based in Discworld and within the city of Ankh-Morpork . Spells have escaped from the Unseen University and as you have been deputised by the City Watch to go and return them. You have the powers of recruiting the many citizens of the city (whether they want to be recruited or not) into helping you by using them to run the spell back to the University. The four of us each randomly took a guild card then collected our tokens and volunteers. Bingers had the Alchemists Guild, GaryG was a member of the Assassins Guild, Trevor a member of the Fools Guild, and myself a member of the Thieves Guild.

We ran off to a flying start collecting spells and volunteers, but all of us were avoiding each other. As soon as we had found our feet, the childishness began. Attempts to give the pox to other players by having them touch an infected card. Hiding it under cards, sliding it under elbows, and trying to have them pass the cards. All tricks were tried yet failed. So sabotaging the spell runs were the next choice of play. GaryG stormed into the lead and followed quickly with TrevorH and Bingers, I brought up the rear. (No laughing!) Fun was had all round by everyone. The game ended prematurely with the two Gary's tied for the lead after a vicious bout of sabotage in GaryG's last round.

League results: After a game of Guards! Guards! scoring 5 beans to the winner and 3 to the runner up: GaryG and GaryB were awarded +3 beans for a tied 1st place and TrevorH and AndyA received +0 beans

As regular members of the KoffeeKlub we have experienced that a certain number of players can make or break a game. With Guards! Guards! you do need to have a target number of players to enjoy the game to its maximum. Four players is not a bad number to play the game but for better enjoyment, you really do need to have 5-6.

The KoffeeKlub June League has kicked off and GaryG stormed into the lead with almost all the beans already. Next week at the KoffeeKlub we have Cadwallon: City of Thieves and I for one am looking forward to playing it.

Andy Agnew

Tabletopnorth Horror Boardgaming 16th June 2012

Our friends over at tabletopnorth will be running a Horror themed boardgaming day at the excellent Nerdtopia 86 Stranmillis Road, bt9 5ad Belfast, United Kingdom on the 16th June 2012. The boardgames in action will be Zombies!!! and Arkham Horror.You do not need to be a tabletopnorth member to attend this event just come along, buy a coffee and join in the fun.

Friday, 1 June 2012

KoffeeKlub Evening 3rd June 7-11pm

Just a reminder. The KoffeeKlub will be meeting in Whitehead Primary School on Sunday 3rd June 2012 7-11pm. Our featured game will be Guards! Guards! by Backspindle games, however there will be plenty of others games available. We are starting a KoffeeKlub League from this week and so if you want the chance to be the first KoffeeKlub Player of the Month you should come a get a victory or two under your belt. As usual all are welcome.