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GamesReport: 17-Jun-12 Last Night On Earth

Our Zombie Weekend concluded with two games, Last Night On Earth, where the living dead descend upon small town America and the much lighter Lunch Money, a perfect excuse to verbally (and physically) attack your friends.

Last Night On Earth (LNOE)

The Sheriff gets some early "attention" ...
We had a solid four players for LNOE with the rules recommending that we split them into two "zombie" players and two "hero" players who each took control of two characters. In my experience spreading the zombie role over two players waters it down too much, so we elected to go with one zombie player (me) and four hero characters Jake Cartwright - The Drifter played by GaryB, Sheriff Anderson played by Trev, Billy - The Sheriff's Son played by AndyA and Sally - The Highschool Sweetheart played as a shared character.

The scenario seemed straight-forward enough, find the keys and some gas then Escape In The Truck parked in the centre of town. Simples!

Becky's last stand...
By turn three I had plunged the hospital into darkness and was munching on some Drifter brains turning GaryB's character into a zombie. He picked up Becky - The Nurse as a replacement and admired the fine detail in my paint job. Despite a few early wounds and the loss of the Drifter, the players held their own and made steady progress around town trying to locate the missing items.
At this point things started to go a little pear-shaped. Billy "he's slow ya know?" (AndyA) drew a hero card that let him search either the discard OR the draw deck for an item including one of the scenario items. He didn't read that bit and chose to take a balloon or something*. This would prove costly as dusk approached and the heroes slowly ran out of turns to escape.
Billy "he's slow ya know, but really good with a chainsaw" (AndyA) did have somewhat of a reprieve by saving Sally from the now undead drifter. It was all too little too late as a frantic Becky - The Nurse (GaryB) climbed onto the truck with a set of keys only to find that no-one else had made it back. The Sheriff (Trev) found a spare set of keys of his own, but was cut down before reaching the screaming nurse. As darkness fell over Whitehead the hapless Billy (AndyA) embraced Sally (Shared) one last time in a corner of the bank with zombies closing in around them... ...for our brave heroes it truly was their Last Night On Earth...

*He didn't really take a balloon, but did take something equally as useless! :)

3 beans to the zombie-master GaryG for the win.

Lunch Money

See you Jimmy!
By the end of the evening we really only had time for a couple of short games... We tried Lunch Money, a playground card game where you try to beat-up on your classmates at school and become quite literally the last boy standing!

We used the first game to get use to the card combos and then our evening descended into a tirade of kicks, punches, blocks, dodges, grabs, humiliations and pokes in the eye! Lots of fun, not for the sensitive souls though.

3 beans to GaryG, 3 beans to AndyA, 2 beans to GaryB and 1 bean to Trev.

A great night with great company! 

...we are all still friends, aren't we...?

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