Monday, 4 June 2012

GamesReport: 3-Jun-12 Guards! Guards!

Last night at the KoffeeKlub Guards! Guards! was on the table for the main game, but to warm ourselves into the evening, Bluff was brought out. Sadly my reign of terror came to a crashing end for the four games we played, I was the first out in 3 of them and second out in the last. Bingers lost out shortly after myself, but the big rollers, GaryG and TrevorH fought it out in every game with TrevorH winning all of them. Beginners’ luck I say.

League results: After 4 games of Bluff scoring 2 beans to the winner and 1 to the runner up: GaryG +6 beans TrevorH +6 beans, GaryB and AndyA +0 beans

Then it was time for the game from BackSpindle Games. With the game being based in Discworld and within the city of Ankh-Morpork . Spells have escaped from the Unseen University and as you have been deputised by the City Watch to go and return them. You have the powers of recruiting the many citizens of the city (whether they want to be recruited or not) into helping you by using them to run the spell back to the University. The four of us each randomly took a guild card then collected our tokens and volunteers. Bingers had the Alchemists Guild, GaryG was a member of the Assassins Guild, Trevor a member of the Fools Guild, and myself a member of the Thieves Guild.

We ran off to a flying start collecting spells and volunteers, but all of us were avoiding each other. As soon as we had found our feet, the childishness began. Attempts to give the pox to other players by having them touch an infected card. Hiding it under cards, sliding it under elbows, and trying to have them pass the cards. All tricks were tried yet failed. So sabotaging the spell runs were the next choice of play. GaryG stormed into the lead and followed quickly with TrevorH and Bingers, I brought up the rear. (No laughing!) Fun was had all round by everyone. The game ended prematurely with the two Gary's tied for the lead after a vicious bout of sabotage in GaryG's last round.

League results: After a game of Guards! Guards! scoring 5 beans to the winner and 3 to the runner up: GaryG and GaryB were awarded +3 beans for a tied 1st place and TrevorH and AndyA received +0 beans

As regular members of the KoffeeKlub we have experienced that a certain number of players can make or break a game. With Guards! Guards! you do need to have a target number of players to enjoy the game to its maximum. Four players is not a bad number to play the game but for better enjoyment, you really do need to have 5-6.

The KoffeeKlub June League has kicked off and GaryG stormed into the lead with almost all the beans already. Next week at the KoffeeKlub we have Cadwallon: City of Thieves and I for one am looking forward to playing it.

Andy Agnew

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