Thursday, 21 June 2012

Koffeeklub @ QCON19

We've all been at Q-Con before. The good ones the bad ones and the downright average ones, but we keep coming back for more. What's that about?

> Love it or hate it, Q-Con is Ireland's flagship gaming event and represents an opportunity to meet up with old gaming friends from the past and perhaps to re-live the good old days by playing a game or two of Call of Cthulhu. 

> Q-Con is a weekend's a slice of's too much's too little's a new set of's a drink...or maybe it's two of all's tomorrow!!

This year @ Q-Con we'll be hosting a number of board, card and dice games, so we invite you to join us if you can.

Friday evening - Bluff event.

Saturday morning - Open board gaming session from around 11am until 2pm
Saturday afternoon - we'll be joining the Call of Cthulhu tournament from 3pm until 6pm
Saturday evening - At the Q-Con quiz

Sunday morning - Our big Game of Thrones (2nd Ed) game from around 11am until 2pm
Sunday afternoon - Open board gaming session from around 3pm until close at 6pm

If you want to join in please check out the registration desk or Table Top North's regular Q-Con stand. Our open gaming will offer up games such as Nightfall, Pandemic and A Few Acres of Snow.

Koffeeklub will be at Q-Con, hopefully you'll be there too!


  1. Looking forward to Q-Con, will have Nightfall with me, so happy to run a few games.

  2. Updated to include some of the open games.

    Cheers Trev!

  3. Twilight Struggle too if we can find the time? ;)

  4. That's pushing it a little! If only we could find someone to teach it to us...

  5. Ha Ha I watched a Youtube rules review on BBG does that count?

  6. Back from QCon...knackered... Blog entry to follow... :)