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The KoffeeKlub moniker  is somewhat misleading, I will grant you. We are not a club in any conventional sense. We do not have a fixed membership and we meet wherever is convenient. We have no committee, or AGM, or anything really that gets in the way of playing with dice, and maps and meeples. Also, it is a shared love of board games that brings us together not coffee, though the coffee is definitely high up the priority list at our meet ups. Preferably not the cheap stuff.

The history of the Koffeeklub is bound with the Arkham Gaming Centre in Glenoe near Larne in Northern Ireland. Arkham was a great place where games of all sorts could be enjoyed from card games like Magic: The Gathering to miniature war games such as Warhammer 40000 and Flames of War. We also had role-playing games and board games in the centre and it was the latter that brought the group that would be nebulously identified as the coffee club together. We met at Glenoe on a Sunday evening to play our board games and drink coffee.

The owner of the gaming centre offered free coffee and tea but only of the most base and revolting kind. This plainly would not do for the cultured and discerning Arkhamites, who opted not of the free offering and formed a coffee club wherein the members would 'chip in' and buy nice coffee. The coffee club never actually functioned in the intended manner and instead someone would bring a different blend every Sunday and we would play board games. The Koffeeklub was borne.

 Sadly Arkham Gaming Centre was not to last and when it closed its door for good in May 2012, we needed to find a new home to play our games. The Koffeeklub has become a wandering group of itinerant board game enthusiasts, and in our short life have met in Whitehead Primary School on Sunday evening and in Nerdtopia in Belfast on the occasional Saturday.

We created this blog site to record the games we play and to communicate our events to the wider gaming community in the hope that we will draw new players to the club. We will also put up on the blog some reviews and articles that board game lover may enjoy. We hope you do. We hope you pop back from time to time to see how we are doing and drop a message in to encourage us or just to say hello. I'm off to put the kettle on. See you at the table.

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