Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What's next for our wargaming table?

On The Lookout
In recent weeks and months we've learned a few new systems and reached the point where they could be quite quickly picked-up and played with minimal effort required. (FAB: Sicily and Twilight Struggle)

I now want to look ahead at the next few months and get a feel for games that might be on our gaming table soon...

First up is Combat Commander: Pacific from GMT Games. It is a card-driven wargame covering tactical infantry combat in the Pacific Theatre of World War II. It's been a while since I played a squad level wargame and the Pacific really appeals to me.

You can find our first look at Combat Commander: Pacific in a July blog post.

Sticking with WW2 a second option would be Shifting Sands this time from MMP Games, the company who currently release ASL material. It uses point-to-point movement and is based on the World War II African campaigns of 1940-1943. Shifting Sands is MMP's first card driven game. 

Lastly I want to consider Wilderness War, again from GMT Games. Having recently played a lot of A Few Acres of Snow online again we would be covering the French & Indian War, 1755-1760, as France and Britain battled for control of North America. 

Any thoughts on the games above? Perhaps you have a suggestion for us?


  1. I forgot about Shifting Sands Gary. Looking forward to that and well as Wilderness War. Fun times ahead.

  2. I thought I'd remembered you mentioning Shifting Sands before. Let's take a look at that one next.

  3. Both WW and SS are excellent games IMHO no experience with CC
    So the selfish part of me says go with CC so as I can see what it's like :-)

    Look forward to reading your AARs whichever title you choose

  4. Cheers Sgt Steiner! Shifting Sands just got the nod ahead of CC, but as I've picked up CC: Europe now, it won't be too long before we give that system a go.