Friday, 21 September 2012

Our D-Day Operations Campaign for Memoir '44 by Brummbar

Our D-Day operations campaign was run partly using Brummbar's excellent guide, which can be found here in full. The guide is similar to the official campaign books released by Days of Wonder and walk you through the scenarios required for a full D-Day campaign using the Memoir '44 system.

Memoir '44 is at it's best when played using the regular sized maps in a campaign environment. I find that the Overlord system (double sized maps) look more appealing, but that they take something away from what Memoir is to me, a quick an simple wargame experience. Experienced players should be able to rattle out a scenario in around 45 minutes, so it's great to switch sides and play the scenario again for balanced scoring.

The official campaign books also provide good value for money and as you'd expect have a little more spit and polish.

Campaign Book Volume 2

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