Sunday, 9 September 2012

Horror on the Orient Express: A Call of Cthulhu Kickstarter by Chaosium

As Kickstarters come and go I've maintained a passing interest in the projects offered up. To date though none have piqued my interest enough for me to become a paying backer.

That may all change with Chaosium's Kickstarter, "a re-imagining of the iconic Horror on the Orient Express, originally released in 1991." as the original boxed set is both difficult and expensive to obtain.

I've already played through the campaign with my old role-playing group and I look back fondly on those gaming sessions and our struggle against the many foes we faced.

Hopefully this re-imagining goes beyond the handouts and props to include some gentle re-writing to smooth out the flaws in this classic Call of Cthulhu campaign. A system cross-over with Trail of Cthulhu would also be nice, but perhaps this is asking a little too much of Chaosium.

As I'm writing this there are some 21 days to go and the original $20,000 goal has been smashed with the project trending towards a $200k+ finish.

For full details of the backing levels and rewards check out the kickstarter at Horror on the Orient Express: Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium

Update! - UK based Kickstarters will be available from October 31st 2012.


  1. I love Call of Cthulhu and have played some of this campaign I never finished it. (One of the few COC campaigns I never completed) I remember it as a high quality product though.

    I am not altogether sure about KickStarters for established products. I know that this edition of the campaign will have fantastic production quality and lot of extra's but its not a new product. I am not sure why it needs a kickstarter. Call me cynical but this and a number of other kickstarters out there are just putting their arm in.

    I like the idea that crowd funding can break young and vibrant companies into the market who otherwise would never have gotten the cash together to make it to physical product.

    For established companies and established product to be kickstarted feels a little like the big boys stealing the baby's candy.

    That being said I could be convinced to investing to help a Referee buy into this kickstarter. I may get to finished the campaign as a player then.

  2. I can see where your coming from Mr B, but for me if it's a case of Kickstarter and it gets done now or no Kickstarter and it maybe never get done, then I'm in favour of it. Hey, a little more money in the bank for some of these game companies and we may see some new stuff further down the line.