Thursday, 6 September 2012

KoffeeKlub Evening 9th of September

Mr Bingers considers his options...
This week at KoffeeKlub Mr Bingers and I conclude our epic Twilight Struggle. The duel will be at Whitehead Primary School this Sunday from 7-11pm.

My Soviets hold an 8VP lead heading into turn six, but let's keep this one clean Mr B!

“When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.” -
Richard Nixon, May 19, 1977


  1. Clean. I always play clean. :)

    "Of late, attempts have been made in the USA — at a high level and in a rather cynical form — to play the "Chinese card" against the USSR. This is a shortsighted and dangerous policy."
    Leonid Brezhev Peace, Détente, and Soviet-American Relations : A Collection of Public Statements (1979)

  2. I think you misspelled a word there.

    clean should be for victory.