Monday, 18 June 2012

QCON19 Koffeeklub Pre-Convention Report

Look Chris is excited too!
Look Chris is excited too!
So the Koffeeklub is going to QCON this year. I'm actually quite excited about the convention this year. I am one of a dwindling band of those who remember the early QCONs and I was a fairly active member of the Dragonslayers club in those days. I missed the first convention as I was studying in Bournemouth University at the time but I have been at The convention every year since. QCON is a unique convention that I had a hand in building and I am very proud of it. The current Dragonslayers society have really upped their game though and the convention is now huge, kudos to them.

The Koffeeklub will be running a couple of games at the Con. We hope to share our passion for the game of Bluff and run a little mini-tournament as a participation game, also we will be bringing A Game Of Thrones board game to run for a session. Love this game. No idea which sessions we are going to schedule these events though. If you want to join in either return here to the Koffeeklub blog or check at the registration desk at the convention on Friday.

We hope to meet up with the Loaded Dice Club from Enniskillen at the weekend too. It will be good to have a drink or two and get to know the other board game club in the Province. Maybe play a few games too.

Anyways bring it on. My fellow koffeeklubbers and I will be blogging from the convention so drop by and see what we get up too

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