Sunday, 4 November 2012

GamesReport: 2-Nov-12 TTN Big Game 11

Today at the Belfast Boatclub we witnessed the return of the legendary TableTopNorth Big Game's organised by Tim Snoddy. The Big Game's are well named with over twenty participants crowded around a massive battle table. The system used to simulate the battle was the Gruntz 1.1 ruleset with hundreds of beautifully painted figures in 15mm scale. I am led to understand that twenty players is the largest game of Gruntz ever played so hats off to Tim for putting together the event and surviving the event with his wits and voice intact.

A truly massive battlefield
The two sides in the battle were the righteous Imperial forces with their alien allies, facing the dastardly Rebel forces. The main objective was a fort in the centre of the battlefield held at the start of the game by the Rebels, four secondary objectives were located in the four corners of the battlefield with the rebels also holding two of these. While the advantage was clearly with the rebels on the first turn this was to change rapidly with the arrival of the imperial forces who took three of the out lying adjective in short order.

Elite Imperial Legions
The rest of the battle teetered on a knife edge as reinforcements arrived in random locations around the battlefield. The Rebels replacements seemed to mostly appear on the southern section of the map with the vast majority of the Imperials entering from the west. This put the lightly held eastern Imperial objectives under immense pressure while the imperial malingered in their strongest portion of the map. It started to look like the Rebel position was too strong for the Imperial forces to crack, but on he final turn a heroic assault by the imperial crack stormstrooper squad penetrated the rebel held fortress and disputed the victory condition there. The final act of heroism fell to the lowly Octopods who saved the day for the imperial legions and took the decisive secondary victory objective that secured the win for the Emperor by a margin of 1-0.

Welcome back Big Game.

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