Thursday, 29 November 2012

GamesReport: 18/25-Nov-12 AGOT, Mansions and Light Nights

At this time of year the weeks seem to pass quickly and I haven't found enough spare time to blog about our KoffeeKlub evenings. In part this is down to the heavier blog pieces on ASL Starter Kit after-action reports, but they're fun to play and write about and are likely to stay.

Our Sundays of late have been taken over by bigger games such as Mansion of Madness, Eclipse, Battlestar Galactica, A Game of Thrones (AGOT) etc. and on Sunday the 18th of November numbers were big enough for us to run both Mansions and AGOT on the same night. GaryB hosted AGOT on one table and we played a Mansions scenario, The Green-Eyed Boy on the other.

Stark's strategy to conquer Westeros isn't too clear...
Chris. Ready to beat-on fellow players with his guitar.
On the 25th of November we'd decided to take a short break from the bigger games and to roll-out a few lighter games in our first Light Nights session.

Light Nights
During the evening we played:

Zombie Dice
A very light push-your-luck dice game. The players are zombies trying to find brains and avoid getting shot-up too much. Fun for a couple of rounds, but then we shuffled on...

Game 1 - Zombie Dice
GaryG 16-2 (1st)
AndyA 16-0 (2nd)
GaryB 5
DaveB 0

Game 2 - Zombie Dice
AndyA 14 (1st)
GaryB 5 (2nd)
DaveB 3
GaryG 0

For Sale
A short auction game where the players bid for property cards in phase one and sell them off for big profits in phase two. A lot more fun than it sounds and too long since I last got a chance to play. 

Game 3 - For Sale
GaryG - 48 (2nd)
AndyA - 42
GaryB - 37
DaveB - 58 (1st)
ChrisG - 34
ChrisB -35

Game 4 - For Sale
AndyA -60 (1st)
GaryG - 55 (2nd)

A firm favourite of ours that never seems to grow old. Highly recommended.

Games 5 to 8 - Bluff
GaryG (2x1st)
AndyA (1x1st and 1x2nd)
GaryB (1x1st and 1x2nd)
DaveB (1x1st)
ChrisG (2x2nd)
Karl (1x2nd)
Ca$h & Gun$
Not much to this one, but you do get to point foam guns at each other!

Game 9 to 10 - Ca$h & Gun$
GaryG (2x2nd)
ChrisG (1x1st)
DaveB (1x1st)

6 Nimmt!
An entertaining trick-taking game. It takes a little while to get use to and bye that stage you've probably lost already! :)

Game 11 - 6Nimmt! (low is good)
GaryG 50 (2nd)
AndyA 87
KarlW 50 (2nd)
ChrisG 77
GaryB 56
DaveW 36 (1st)

Overall Scores

GaryG 3x1st and 5x2nd
AndyA 3x1st and 2x2nd
GaryB 1x1st and 1x2nd
DaveB 2x1st
ChrisG 2x2nd
KarlW 2x2nd

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first Light Nights session!


  1. Hi Gary, I have nominated your blog for Leibster Award doing the rounds. Keep up the good work. Norman

  2. Cheers Norman, much appreciated! :) I'll need to take a look at this Leibster Award and see what it's about.