Wednesday, 28 November 2012

KoffeeKlub Evening 2nd of December

"This is the Commander. Moments ago, this ship received word of a Cylon attack against our home-worlds is under way. We do not know the size or the disposition or the strength of the enemy forces, but all indications point to a massive assault against Colonial defences. Admiral Nagala has taken personal command of the Fleet aboard the battlestar Atlantia following the complete destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters in the first wave of the attacks. "How? Why?" doesn't really matter now. What does matter is that as of this moment, we are at war. You've trained for this. You're ready for this. Stand to your duties, trust your fellow shipmates, and we'll all get through this. Further updates as we get them. Thank you." - Commander William Adama

Last time, in the simulator, the Cylons enjoyed a resounding victory. This time it's real, so book your place on Galactica and help us fight against the toasters.

We have six seats at The Black Knight this Sunday between 7pm and 11pm, all are welcome.

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