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GamesReport: 28-Oct-12 Mansions Of Madness

Elder Sign
To mark Halloween week KoffeeKlub played Mansions of Madness (MOM) at The Black Knight last Sunday. It's been a while since it last hit the table, but I think everyone enjoyed the opportunity to play it again.

MOM isn't the strongest of game systems and really benefits from a little role-playing to drive home the whole mythos experience. I took on the role of the GM as I had the best grasp of the rules, which are again made seem overly complex by FFG in the rulebooks. :(

Joining me as investigator players were PI "Joe Diamond" played by GaryB, dilettante "Jenny Barnes" played by DaveB, nun "Sister Mary" played by ChristianG and Professor "Harvey Walters" played by ChrisG.

The chosen scenario was The Inner Sanctum in which the players, having received a mysterious letter from Professor Marie Leblanc try to track her last movements at a local monastery near Dunwich...

Some Pictures From Our Evening

Initially their investigation went well and despite the lack of co-ordination amongst the players they found some important clues early on and made a concerted effort to prevent me from summoning my cultists, zombies and hounds of Tindalos. I persevered and managed to get some zombies into key areas of the monastery in order to reveal the objective card and by doing so only needed to kill one more investigator to win the scenario.

A Hound Of Tindalos
They had fought bravely, but had lost both Joe Diamond and Jenny Barnes to the ever-growing cultist numbers. Critically when it came to the final doorway, they didn't have the secret password with the right character were running very short on time. Desperation took hold as they rushed to the basement crypt. All too little, too late as they lost a final character and handed the win to the GM...

I had a great evening and although MOM takes a little more effort than your average game to achieve a good experience, it is certainly one that I'd like to try again soon. Thanks to everyone who turned up at The Black Knight, our numbers are certainly booming and opening up options for slightly larger games.

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