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Cold City RPG - (P#8) Scene #5b - Going Underground Pt2

Cold City RPG
(P#8) Scene #5b - Going Underground Pt2 (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5a)
RPA agents Renoir (French), Wheeler (American), Bloom (British) and Gavril (Russian) encounter some undead Vopos officers in the tunnels of the Berlin U-Bahn.

Undead VoPo
...as Wheeler hesitated, Gavril went for the closest VoPo, smacking it hard in the face and breaking it's nose with a horrible crunching sound. Wheeler turned quickly to look for the others, but they were further down the tunnel and out of sight. No help there! 

Glancing back at Gavril, he saw the big Russian struggling to hold the creature back, so he raised his pistol and fired twice hitting a second VoPo in the arm and chest. It neither slowed nor showed signs of pain as it's arms stretched towards the American's face, plunging it's grimy thumbs into Wheeler's eye sockets.

Screams echoed down the tunnel and finally Renoir and Bloom turned back to help their colleagues. Too little, too late for Wheeler who lay motionless on the track, his eyes a bloody mess. Without a pause, Renoir and Bloom both fired into the fight, destroying one creature and wounding a second. Gavril himself had taken a few blows, but was still strong enough to twist the head from his assailant and throw it's motionless body towards the wall. The fight looked to be turning in their favour, as Renoir bent down to check the motionless Wheeler. He was dead...

Protective Goggles
The rest of the encounter became a hazy blur for Renoir as the rising Wheeler (now a zombie too) grappled him from behind and began to smash his face repeatedly into one of the U-Bahn rails. Bloom had troubles of her own to deal with as the boy Pavel (Gunter's killer?) appeared behind her. Fortunately she still had her goggles and a big Russian for protection. Gavril grabbed Pavel and Bloom injected him with a sedative, rendering the boy unconscious.

Once unconscious, the boy's hold over the animated corpse of Wheeler is broken and Renoir is saved. Exhausted and bloody the team call for the scene to be cleaned.

The Aftermath
Prisoner #8 - Classified
An RPA clean-up crew was assigned to the incident and the VoPos deaths were recorded as accidental, the unfortunate officers having been hit by a passing U-Bahn train. Renoir's injuries had him hospitalised for almost two months and during this time he and his fellow agents were interrogated and temporarily removed from all field duties within the RPA.

The RPA file records that Pvt Grey had taken illegal pictures in and around Spandau Prison during his guard duty there in January '50, before taking them to the Roth photography shop on Freidrichstraβe to be developed. One of the pictures taken looked down over the yard at Spandau and captured an image of a tattooed inmate (known only as Prisoner #8). Neither Pvt Grey, when he took the picture, nor Gunter Roth when he developed it wore any sort of eye protection and a "spark" travelled from the inmate (Prisoner #8) into the camera's film. A short time later Pvt Grey was found dead from an apparent suicide in the Havel River. Gunter Roth died whilst developing the picture and the "spark" possessed his son Pavel who fled into the Berlin U-Bahn.

Information surrounding the alien nature and origins of this "spark" have been filed as classified. 

Berlin's U-Bahn
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