Friday, 5 October 2012

The Cold City Files

We've recently concluded our first two Cold City scenarios "Prisoner #8" and "Three Gates To Darkness". I've also added an old scenario "A Mother's Love" from an earlier RPA team.

Prisoner #8 (P#8)
Prisoner #8 focuses on the investigation following the murder of a photography shop owner, Gunter Roth, in Freidrichstraβe. 

Scene #1 - Murder on Freidrichstraβe
Scene #2 - Smuts Barracks
Scene #3 - Der Regenbogen
Scene #4 - St Joseph's Hospital Morgue
Scene #5 - Going Underground Pt1
Scene #6 - Going Underground Pt2

Three Gates To Darkness (TGtD) 
Following months of paper-pushing the agents get a little more than they expect whilst staking-out a house on Lübeckstraβe.

Scene #1 - A Stakeout At Lübeckstraβe (coming soon)
Scene #2 - Slamming The Gate! (coming soon) 

A Mother's Love (AML)
A flagged Stasi report had indicated possible ST (modified "super" soldiers) activity in a residential zone in Haring. STs have been an ongoing issue since the war ended. The RPA field team was ordered to stakeout the location and capture the ST should the reports turn out to be correct.

Scene #1 - The Stakeout
Scene #2 - Treadsoft (coming soon)
Scene #3 - The Bunker Part 1 (coming soon)
Scene #4 - The Bunker Part 2 (coming soon)        

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