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Cold City RPG - (P#8) Scene #5a - Going Underground Pt1

Cold City RPG
(P#8) Scene #5a - Going Underground Pt1 (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5b)
RPA agents Renoir, Wheeler, Bloom and Gavril descend into the Berlin U-Bahn tunnels.

Alerted to a disturbance in the Tempelhof Terminus U-Bahn station the agents arrive to find that two of the station's six lines have been closed and local police (Vopos) have gone into the tunnel to recover a suspected suicide.

Tempelhof U-Bahn
As ever, Agent Renoir led the way having requested that Wheeler remain in the van until they returned. Agent Wheeler was still limping heavily following his encounter with The Fatman's bodyguards, but common sense was in short supply and he elected to tag along behind the others as they entered the dark U-Bahn tunnels.

None of the team were certain that it was the boy Pavel who had been spotted in the tunnels near Tempelhof, but the atmosphere was uneasy and they all had their protective goggles to hand in case it was.

U-Bahn Tunnel at Tempelhof
A few hundred metres into the tunnel and they found the body of a tramp. It had been covered up by a Vopos overcoat, but there was no sign of the officers at the scene. The tramp looked to have been struck by a passing train, but the damage around his face, an eyes especially would warrant an autopsy to establish the actual cause of death.

A warm breeze passed through the tunnel, but provided small comfort as they moved forward to the sounds of rumbling trains entering and leaving Tempelhof. It was pitch black now, the last of the station's light lost to a curve in the tunnel. All they had were their torches.

They found the first Vopos officers lying across one of the rails his features twisted in an agonising scream of pain or terror. His service pistol lay beside him, but it had not been fired. Less than thirty feet away were his colleagues, both dead...

An Undead Vopos Officer
Agent Renoir, confident that the killer was close, upped his pace leaving the others behind. Juliet turned briefly to the other agents before running to catch up with Renoir. Agent wheeler was struggling with his injury and convinced the big Russian Gavril to carry him on his shoulders, but their pace was still slow and soon Juliet and Renoir were almost out of sight.

The noise came from behind and Wheeler, now on Gavril's shoulders struggled to turn back and see what it was. Out of the darkness shambled one of the dead Vopos officers.

Wheeler panicked shooting wildly into the dark tunnel behind him, but as Gavril eased him to the ground two more undead Vopos officers emerged into the light.

To be concluded...

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