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Cold City RPG - (P#8) Scene #3 - Der Regenbogen

Cold City RPG
(P#8) Scene #3 - Der Regenbogen (#1, #2, #4, #5)
Whilst Dr. Bloom and Renoir searched for more information on Pvt Grey at St. Joseph's Hospital morgue, Gavril and Wheeler decided to pay a visit to Der Regenbogen (The Rainbow), a jazz club off Freidrichstraβe.
Jazz at Der Regenbogen

Their plan was simple, split up and find out as much information as they could about Pavel and his whereabouts. The club was a bit of a long-shot for sure, but Pavel was known to come here a few times a week, so it was worth a look, even if only to tie up the loose ends.

Based in the Russian sector, Gavril had been to Der Regenbogen before, although only once or twice. The club is popular with the young as some good music can be heard there, but generally the place is run-down and viewed as seedy by the locals. "A place to be avoided unless looking for something from the black market." - Hans Glebb, a local business owner.

Lucky Strikes
Gavril entered first, a few minutes ahead of Wheeler, who stood across the street smoking his Lucky Strikes and shuffling nervously. Der Regenbogen was busy this evening, a droll version of Baby, It's Cold Outside playing on-stage. He made his way to the long bar and ordered a drink before sitting back and considering the scene around him. No sign of Pavel yet, but someone here will know him...

Wheeler steps into the club and noticing Gavril at the bar heads through the dimly lit tables to have a look for the boy. The Russian sector is in "brown-out" so small candles and oil lamps provide what little light is available in the smokey club. With no sign of Pavel, Wheeler passes on a chance to score some drugs and heads to the far end of the bar, engaging the barman in conversation... "I'm looking for a boy..."

The barman is suspicious, but continues to listen to Wheeler, especially interested in some photos that he claims to have. (these were the erotic pictures that Wheeler recovered from Gunter Roth's attic room). Eventually the barman concedes that he "may be able to help" A short time later Wheeler is being led upstairs to see "The Fat Man". Asking too many questions around a black market bar can be dangerous...

The "Fat Man"
The Fat Man runs the local black market from a plush set of rooms above Der Regenbogen. Speaking with a broad Russian accent he asks Wheeler why he is here and what he is looking for. The hapless agent stumbles through his reasons and The Fat Man orders his men to search Wheeler and "get rid of him". Wheeler panics and considers leaving through the second floor window. Luckily he stumbles and just takes a beating before being unceremoniously dumped with the trash at the back of the club, his photos and money gone.

Gavril too is having little luck in conversations with the other barman and decides to intimidate the man into telling him what he know about Pavel. As Gavril moves inside the bar, the man pulls a shotgun and threatens to put him down. The imposing size of the Russian agent (and some good dice rolling!) force the barman to reconsider. He puts the shotgun down and confirms that Pavel hasn't been here for a few days now.

Wisely Gavril takes this as his cue to exit.

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