Thursday, 16 August 2012

KoffeeKlub Evening 19th of August

Kicking In The Door
A FAB Sicily reboot to recover our lost session from last Sunday. GaryB, AndyA and myself will be hosting a KoffeeKlub evening from Whitehead Primary School this Sunday from 7-11pm.

The likely line-up will see me taking on the roll of the Germans/Italians vs. GaryB's and AndyA's Allies.

"I like my coffee strong, not lethal!" - M*A*S*H

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  1. Ahead of tomorrow night's game i think we have a couple of things to consider, especially from the Allied point of view.

    1) Releasing Divisions - From what I've read about play-testing on FAB: Sicily, releasing divisions can be a key element in the Allied strategy.

    2) Assets used as events - There are a few cool options here which we missed during our first play. e.g. "US 7th Army Release" (a third turn chit) allows all six US divisions to be released into Zone A or D depending on the landings chosen. (still restricted from Zone B though) and "Axis Tactical Extract" which allows the Axis player to move all *German* units from a contested area into an adjacent enemy-controlled area.

    There are other things, so we must try to bring more of the game's subtleties into play.