Thursday, 9 August 2012

FAB: Golan - Coming to a P500 near you?

FAB: Golan
We've already covered FAB: Sicily with a few recent blog articles, A First Look At FAB - Sicily and AAR - FAB Sicily 05-Aug-12, so taking a look into the future it appears that the Fast Action Battles system will have some more interesting releases.

 First-up is likely to be FAB: Golan, covering the 1973 conflict between Syria and Israel, so keep an eye open for it's appearance on GMT's P500 list soon.

FAB: Golan Playtest Map
FAB: Golan is a co-design from Michael Gustavsson and Rick Young who believes that it suits the FAB system due to one side beginning as heavily favoured (Syrians), and then the other side later counterattacking (Israelis).

Beyond that they are considering Kharkov '42, Market-Garden, Suez '73, and Korea for FAB consideration. For now it's great to see that this fine series has a healthy future ahead of it.

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