Thursday, 2 August 2012

GamesReport 01-Aug-12: Carcassonne

A few last minute emails and our lost evening of gaming was back on, roleplaying replaced with a few Euro games.

First up was Auf Heller Und Pfennig from Hans Im Gluck games. Auf Heller is a simple tile laying game by Reiner Knizia and is perhaps more commonly known as Kingdoms from it's English release.

It has a loose medieval market theme with players taking on the role of market traders attempting to maximise the profits from their stalls over three rounds of play. In each round players place tiles or stalls until every space in the marketplace is full.

1st Rnd - Blue had a few too many shady customers
Tiles represent positive or negative customers which multiply with the stall value to give the player a profit or loss (calculated at the end of each round). There are also a number of special tiles which can influence the board in other ways, so you can never be completely certain of success until most/all of the pieces have been played.

Our match saw Black (AndyA) and Red (TrevH) take an early lead as Blue (GaryG) got caught out with some hefty negatives on the centre vertical line.

Round 1 Scores:
Black (AndyA) 91
Red (TrevH) 84
Blue (GaryG) 25

Blue (GaryG) fought back in rounds two and three, but had lost too much ground in the first round to close the gap.

Round 2 Scores:
Black (AndyA) 51 [142]
Red (TrevH) 49 [133]
Blue (GaryG)108 [133]
Red (TrevH) had looked strongest going into the final round, but risked his last "3" value stall on a line with doubled values. Unfortunately the negatives won through and he took some losses in the end.

Round 3 Scores:
Black (AndyA) 49 [191]
Red (TrevH) 21 [154]
Blue (GaryG) 56 [188]

AndyA was awarded 3 beans and GaryG was awarded 1 bean.

Hunters & Gatherers
Next we played Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers another tile laying game, this time from Rio Grande Games.

In Carcassonne: H&G players build a prehistoric landscape with tiles depicting forests, rivers, lakes and grasslands. They then send out members of their tribe to hunt, gather, fish and establish fishing camps.

A prehistoric view of Carcassonne.
Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers
Black (AndyA) 106
Green (TrevH) 115 
Blue (GaryG) 122

GaryG was awarded 3 beans and TrevH was awarded 1 bean. 

Roll Through the Ages
Our final game of the evening was Roll Through The Ages from Gryphon Games. We covered this briefly in our GamesReport 08-Jul-12.

Roll Through The Ages
AndyA 27
TrevH 26
GaryG 22

AndyA was awarded 3 beans and TrevH was awarded 1 bean.

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