Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Learning ASL Starter Kit Part 1

ASL Starter Kit #2
I've posted some of my completed ASL SK scenarios previously on this blog, but most of them were actually played two years ago. I have a new opponent now so it's time to dust off the D6s and Infantry Fire Tables and get stuck into some ASL again.

I've had a look through the scenarios from both ASL SK #1 and #2 and picked scenario S9 Ambitious Assault as our starting point. S9 is the first scenario from Starter Kit #2 and covers a battle in Avola from the invasion of Sicily, July 1943.

This will be very much a learning game for my opponent GaryB. He has a lot of gaming experience, but hasn't yet played any ASL. I've always found it tougher to attack in ASL, so I will take the British/Americans attackers and let GaryB concentrate on his defensive positions. The scenario archive webpage also balances this towards the Italian defenders, so hopefully this will offset the starting gap in experience.  

S9 Ambitious Assault

Attacker: British/American (505th PIR/50th Infantry Division) (GaryG)
Defender: Italian (146th Regiment, 206th Coastal Defence Division) (GaryB)
Turns: 6 Players: 2 OBA: None Night: No
Avola, Sicily 1943-07-10

RESULT: Turn #6 win for GaryG and his American/British squads

Avola, Sicily, 10 July 1943: Operation Husky got off to a terrible start as gale-forced winds greeted the poorly-trained transport pilots flying in the paratroopers and glider men of the British 1st Airborne Division and the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the American 82nd Airborne Division. Instead of dropping behind the Allied beaches and seizing key bridges and strong-points, they were scattered all over the southern half of the island. One such group of men landed near the coastal town of Avola with Lt. Sammon the ranking officer. After a brief council with the remaining officers, he ordered this adhoc group of 75 paratroopers armed only with light weaponry to attack Avola in order to assist the British whose seaborne invasion of Sicily was starting to land.

Italians must hold out against a combined attack from two sides. The US attack with 5 squads, an MG and 3 leaders and the British enter the battle at the midway point.

Victory Conditions:
The Allies win at game end if there are no unbroken Italian MMC </= 7 hexes from S6, the yellow square.

Map/Victory Area:
I'll be posting up our progress, so please keep an eye on the blog, or subscribe for future updates.

Bingers, Lt Gardner is back!

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