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War In The East - A Paths Of Glory VASSAL Game Pt2

Our ongoing Paths Of Glory game on VASSAL. <Pt1>

Turn #2
Fighting along the A/H-Russia border
Turn two began with both sides reinforcing in the east around Austria/Hungary's (A/H) border with Russia and the two VP locations of Lemberg and Czernowitz. I was trying to put a lot of pressure on the Central Power's A/H forces by moping-up as many of their corp. units as I could. By the end of turn two they had re-grouped back into the mountains at Uzghorod, but still held the strong fortifications at Przemysl. Przemysl would prove to be a thorn in my side for quite a few turns to come...

Russian breakthrough!
Turn #3
The Central Powers pushed their war status to three, just one short of entering Limited War, which would give them access to some new cards. The Allies responded (trying to keep pace) by playing 'Blockade' which game them a war status of two and a -1VP during each subsequent War Status Phase during winter. Our fighting continued in the east and I continued to push the A/H forces back and out of the mountains ultimately taking VPs at Drebrecen and Cluj. VP track is at 7.

Even with the Russian land-grab on the eastern front, I still felt uneasy about my lines of supply. One wrong move could prove disastrous, but both sides kept pushing and jostling for position.
Pig-dog attack into Belfort
Turn #4
All had been quiet on the western front until the Central Powers initiated a sneak attack against the French fort at Belfort. The corp. unit there put up little resistance and in moved the Hun.

No respite either in the east as A/H forces moved to cut Russian supply lines. Was the earlier French feint a distraction tactic?

In response, I moved Russian and Serbian forces to cut A/H supplies around Debrecen only to see the German 9th army heading down the road from Breslau into Martin. Fight!

A/H (circled) have their supply lines cut
I'd been surprised (and happy) to have seen little German intervention on the eastern front up to this point. Dealing with loss factor 3 Germans instead of the weaker A/H (loss factor 2) forces would change my tactics in the east. Although at this point in turn four, I didn't quite realise this yet... 

The fighting at Martin left the German 9th and the Russia 3rd armies reduced. It was the Allied Serbian forces that took a pasting though. First from the German 9th and later from the re-supplied A/H 6th Army.

By the end of turn four my Russians had pushed as far as Budapest and Vienna. The German 9th army had moved into the fort at Cracow and left the recovering A/H 6th Army to take Belgrade in the south. As the Allies I had over-stretched with Vienna in my sights. My supply would be difficult, if not impossible to hold and now I'd also need to take Belgrade back. VP track is at 6.

Eastern front at the end of turn #4
As we move into spring 1915 I'm really enjoying this PoG game. Stay tuned for Pt3. The Germans are coming to save the east!

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