Friday, 18 January 2013

Hillfolk RPG - Session 2 (pt 2): FEAR

Here is the second part of the write up for the on-going Hillfolk game. This week was intriguing as there are a number of reveals, facts that came out in play, that gave surprising insights into the characters we were playing.

- Dave for example dropped the fact that the DeerHunters had killed Eagleeye's wife in to the middle of a scene which explained the fear that he had in fighting the DeerHunters again and perhaps the rage he felt in battle.

- Andy whose character Strongarm always projects forcefulness, even arrogance, when he talks to other characters has a scene late in the evening where he confides to Patch of his doubts. Brilliant insight in Strongarm character given the very person who he trusts most is the person who plots against him.

- Forest's confusion and hesitancy when confronted with the mercurial Fury was priceless and was one of my favourite scenes.

Forest still burns and not
just for Fury
Scene6 - (Dramatic scene called by GaryG; Cast - Patch v Strongarm, Patch v Eagleeye; When - Night 2 days after Scene5) Patch gathers Strongarm and Eagleeye to prepare them for ordeal ahead. He offers them both a gift from the Old Gods. The wants them to accept their fate and accept that they do the will of he Gods. Patch urges them to eat a sliver of the sacrifice to demonstrate their acceptance. Strongarm refuses but Eagleeye accepts the gift (Outcome Patch v Eagle concedes +1 drama token to Eagleeye; Patch v Strongarm refuses +1 drama token to Patch)

Scene7 - (Procedural scene called by Andy; Cast - Strongarm and Forest, When - Day 2 days ago after Episode1) Strongarm visits Forest to ask after his health and get into a discussion over Strongarms desire for war. The debate becomes heated and this allows Strongarm to achieve his real goal to find and take the evidence that he left in the crop field that could implicate him in starting the fire. The scene ends with the brooch in Strongarm's hand but Forest still has burns from the brooch on his hands (Outcome Success for Andy)

Strongarm will return with
his shield or upon it
Scene8 - (Soft open which resolved as a Procedural scene called by GM; Cast - Strongarm and assembled Raiding party, When - Next morning after Scene6) The raiding party has gathered outside the strongholds walls awaiting the raid commander Strongarm to lead them off. Strongarm sees fear and certainty amongst the band but through a rousing speech convinces them that they will return victorious and stronger than before. (Outcome Success for Andy)

Scene10 - (Dramatic scene called by Dave; Cast - Eagleeye v Strongarm; When - After Scene9) Eagleeye tries once again to divert Strongarm from the path he has chosen. Eagleeye obviously has doubts about continuing with the raid but why is unclear (Outcome Strongarm refuses +1 drama token to Dave)

Scene11- (Dramatic scene called by GaryG; Cast - Patch v Eagleeye; When - Night near the Deerhunter camp) Eagleeye sees shadows in his tent which appear to instruct him to kill Strongarm. Patch emerges from the shadows and interprets the vision as the will of the Gods. (Outcome Eagleeye agrees +1 drama token to Dave)

One more part of the write up will be published in a day or two

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