Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hillfolk RPG - Session 2 (pt 1): FEAR

The Wednesday night group once again returned to Trials of the Bullhead Tribe using Pelgrane Press Hillfolk roleplaying game. This week was as rich a gaming experience as the previous week and we were clearly getting to grips with the challenging format. We welcomed a new player to the group, in DaveB, who took very well to the demands of the game and came up with a great character Eagleeye who will further serve to stir the pot of politics and inter-tribal conflict.
Some very cool scenes in Hillfolk last night. It's not like any game I've ever played before, it's pure role-playing with very little distraction. The players are fully immersed and decide (through their scenes) the direction the story takes. - GaryG
We covered a lot of ground in the evening and the write-up will be long, apologies for that now. I will be breaking the write up into a couple of post over the next day or so.

New Characters
DaveB - Eagleeye is the tribes Raid Commander and the related by blood to Forest. He is a disciplined warrior but is known to be a fearless beserker in battle. He seeks the power to control the anger within, and redemption for past failures.

Episode 2 - "Fear" (theme called by GaryG a couple of days prior to the game to give the rest of the players the chance to come up with a scene or two)

GaryG's scenes are edgy and twisted,
and raises the bar for the group.
Scene1 - (Dramatic scene called by GaryG; Cast - Patch v Goldmane, Goldmane v Strongarm, rest of Tribe spectating; When - Night 2 days after Episode1) Patch is leading the tribe in a gruesome sacrifice to beseech the gods for guidance. Patch tells Goldmane that he will be victorious in the upcoming conflict but that his enemy is not the one he expects. When asked who the enemy is Patch leads the tribe to believe that the true enemy is Strongarm. Goldmane demands proof from Strongarm that he will not harm the tribe and challenges him to succeed in his raid against the DeerHunters. Strongarm agrees. (Outcome Patch v Goldmane concede +1 drama token to Patch; Goldmane v Strongarm concedes +1 drama token to GM)

Scene2 - (Dramatic scene called by Andy; Cast - Strongarm v Patch; When - earlier that evening; Where - Patch's chambers in the Smoking Tower) Strongarm approaches Patch for assistance in getting the war he so desires. Patch warns Strongarm but promised to do his part (Outcome Patch concedes +1 drama token to GaryG)

Fury is not as formidable
 as she first seems
Scene3 - (Dramatic scene called by GM; Cast - Fury v Forest; When - later after the Scene1) Forest is confronted by an incensed Fury, Bladedancer's widow, who demands to know why Forest allowed her husband to die and who now will support her and her son. While it appears that she simply wishes to vent her rage at Forest, it becomes clear that what she really seeks is comfort. Forest hesitates and Fury takes his response as a refusal and storms off (Outcome Forest refuses +1 drama token to GM)

Scene4 - (Dramatic scene called by Trevor; Cast - Forest v Patch; When - After Scene3; Where - the Smoking Tower) Forest appeals to Patch to use his influence to stop the conflict between Strongarm and Goldmane that is threatening to destroy the tribe. Patch refuses saying that the gods have spoken. Forest defies the gods influence. (Outcome Patch refuses +1 drama token to Trevor)

One of the Bullocks, 2 Bulls and a dog
Scene5 - (Dramatic scene called by Dave; Cast - Eagleeye v Strongarm; When - simultaineously with Scene4) Eagleeye berates Strongarm for his folly in bringing the tribe to the brink the war pointing out that the DeerHunters are strong and defeated them once before. Strongarm refuses to relent saying that war will make the tribe strong (Outcome Strongarm refuses +1 drama token to Dave)

More Scenes to come

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