Monday, 14 January 2013

GamesReport: 13-Jan-13 A Few Acres Of Snow, Cthulhu LCG & More

Last night I had another play of FFG's Call of Cthulhu LCG, this time against AndyA. 

His deck combined The Syndicate, the seedy underbelly of the city, with the deranged artists and raving lunatics of Hastur's cult. I played a much more civilised Miskatonic University, for their Mythos knowledge and linked it to Yog-Sothoth and it's strength in travelling between worlds.

Domain Marker
The game oozes Mythos and it's artwork and card text are an immediate attraction for any Lovecraft fan. Andy struggled to get enough supporting characters into play in the early game and I quickly took the first story-card whilst making good progress to my second. He however managed to level the field again by winning a card that forced me to shuffle my own story-card back into the deck.

I gradually managed to re-assert my dominance and used some of my spells to recover useful cards from the discard, eventually winning quite comfortably.

I enjoy playing the CoC LCG, but feel that it could run a little more smoothly, especially when handling story-card struggles between players. The theme will always have me coming back for more though, perhaps a few well chosen house rules can add to the experience a little?

CoC LCG in Play
At the other end of our table, DaveB was teaching ChrisG a thing or two about winning at A Few Acres Of Snow.  DaveB won comfortably with the French before switching sides and whopping him with the British too! These games were not without incident though, as Dave's shuffling action and discarding were brought into question. A military investigation committee to follow perhaps?

A Few Acres Of Snow
Great to see new players picking this one up.


We finished our evening at The Black Knight with a game of The Settlers of Catan (won by ChrisG) and a few rounds of Bluff. Perhaps I took my explanation of the Settlers rules a little far...

Settlers - Probability Curve
Elsewhere through ACTS, I'm playing a few games of Twilight Struggle.

Next Sunday at KoffeeKlub it's Game Of Thrones!


  1. we also got a maths lesson on probability which was accompanied graph, is it algebra next week, by the way who won at settlers lol

  2. ChrisG did... updated on the blog post ;)


  3. It's great to have a couple more players for A Few Acres of Snow. Maybe when can get a mini tournament on the go.