Monday, 28 January 2013

Hillfolk RPG - Session 3 (pt 1): DEVILS IN THE SMOKE

The Wednesday night roleplaying group continued to play Hillfolk by Pelgrane Press this week. We decided that this week would represent the first of a trilogy of story arcs and that we would finish the evening on a high note. If I was concerned that this pressure would result in a unsatisfactory result I was to be pleasantly surprised as the shock ending to this weeks episode was a fantastic way to tie up the introductory story arc. I will start with the additional background detail that the group contributed this week.

Background Facts Established

The Chieftain of the Bullhead clan is voted into his position by a council of Elders. It is possible for a Chieftain to be voted in well another Chieftain still lives though it is consider shameful to survive your position as Chief. There are five Elders on the council and they remain in this position for life. Each of the Tribal Elder's have a established role, include the role of Seer.

Scene1 (Procedural scene called by Trevor; Cast: Forest, Eagleeye & Arrow; When: Sometime after the raid near Bullhead) The opening scene of the episode is a scene where Forest, Eagleeye and Arrow are surprised by a strange horseman whilst on a scouting mission. A combat ensures and Eagleeye manages to avoid being charged down by chopping at the horses legs and causes the attacker to be thrown. When it appears that Eagleeye will be cut down, Forest attacks the horseman form the flank saving his half brother but sending the enemy into a frenzy. The Horseman feints towards Eagleeye but lashes out savagely against Forest, who dodges out of the way. Taking the opportunity Eagleeye attacks with his sword striking the horseman's head from his shoulders. In the heat of the battle no one notices that Arrow does not engage. (Outcome: Success; positive consequence awarded to both Dave and Trevor)

Scene2 (Dramatic scene called by GM; Cast: Blackeye v Patch; When:Sometime in the past; Where: The Smoking Tower) In a flashback Patch remembers Blackeye, a blind old tribal elder, visiting him in the Smoking Tower. Blackeye speaks of his past battles, including a encounter with the Brothers of Blood, and claims that the only time he ever felt fear was in the waiting before battle. Blackeye asks Patch to end his waiting and take his place on the Elder council ever though he knows that Patch must kill him to take the seat. (Outcome: Patch agrees and GM gains a token from the kitty)

Scene3 (Dramatic scene called by GaryG; Cast: Patch v Forest; When: Following end of episode 2 at Deerhunter camp) Patch and Forest investigate the massacre at the Deerhunter village. Patch declares that the slaughter is the work of the Desertwalkers. He requests that Forest give up his opposition of Strongarms war and help give him the heart to stand strong and act quickly. Forest refuses  to support the war or speak to Strongarm about it(Outcome: Forest refuses and recieves a token)

Scene4 (Dramatic scene called by Dave; Cast: Eagleeye v Patch; When: On return journey to Bullhead) Eagleeye is clearly conflicted and seeks knowledge from the tribe's Seer Patch. Patch answers the warrior in a riddle, flaying a strip of flesh from Eagleeye's arm, demanding that he think upon that. (Outcome: Patch refused or at least only partially granted Eagleeye's petition; Dave gains a token from the kitty)

Scene5 (Dramatic scene called by Andy; Cast: Strongarm v Eagleeye; When: After Scene5 on return journey to Bullhead) Strongarm calls Eagleeye aside and confides that he fears that he will not survive the coming confrontation. He demands that should he fall that Eagleeye being the agent of his revenge and kill Goldmane framing Arrow if possible. Eagleeye continues to be conflicted with all the demands being heaped upon him but still sides with his friend. (Outcome: Dave agrees; Dave gains a token from the kitty)

Scene6 (Dramatic scene called by Trevor; Cast: Forest v Strongarm; When: On return journey to Bullhead) Forest makes a plee to Strongarm to focus his attention on the defense of Bullhead and give up his foolish notions of war. Strongarm refuses to commit to peace. (Outcome: Strongarm refuses, Trevor gains a token from the kitty. This is too close to a number of petitions made previously and we agree not to repeat this scene in the future)

Scene7 (Soft Open scene called by DM resolved as Dramatic; Cast: Raiding party; Patch v Strongarm; When: After Scene 6 On a ridge overlooking Bullhead) The raiding party see Bellhead in the distance with the Smoking Tower bellowing out a plume of smoke as a call for assistance but the fortress does not appear to be under siege. Arrow and Forest suggest that strongarm sends a scouting party forward to ascertain the location of the desertwalker force. Patch intercedes and uses his knowledge of desertwalker tactics to determine the location of the desertwalkers, saying that they use smoke to hide their attack and strike fear into their enemies and that they would attack with the wind behind them. Arrow disputes the wisdom of Patch who is not a warrior and forces Patch to confront Strongarm to decide which course of action he will choose. (Outcome: Strongarm refuses Patch and sends a scouting party; Andy gains a token from the kitty; In hindsight this scene could have been resolved as a procedural scene)

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