Monday, 7 January 2013

GamesReport: 6-Jan-13 Race For The Galaxy and A Few Acres Of Snow

A late one this week at the KoffeeKlub. Unintentional, I promise.

Not One For The Kids
Having run a demo game of Race For The Galaxy last weekend for DaveB and ChrisG, I was eager to have another go this week and made it our main game for the evening.

First up, with a few still to arrive, AndyA introduced us (and a few of the Magic players) to Cards Against Humanity, a tongue-in-cheek card game where a question or phase with a blank is read out (the black cards) and players choose the funniest card in their hand (the white cards) to play. Rules didn't seem important and we spent over an hour trying to out-funny each other with some cutting combinations. 

Q - "I know I can always get laid by _______." A - "Overpowering my father." You get the idea!? Harmless fun...sort of...

+Funny... mostly.
+Can handle loads of players.

-Humour will definitely not be suitable for everyone.
-Should only be taken in small doses.

Front and centre this evening would be Race For The Galaxy, a fine card game by Thomas Lehmann. Now I've blurbed a bit on this already, so check that out if you wish. Needless to say this is a firm favourite of ours that just seems to get richer and richer in terms of depth and strategy. ChrisG described it as a bit of a brain-burner. Which it is, so get someone who knows it to teach you and you're flying!

We managed to squeeze three games in last night and only this morning I realised that I own a copy of one of the expansions Rebel vs. Imperium and haven't yet put the cards in the main deck, so expect to see it again soon.

Scores from our three games to follow:
GaryB won game #1 and GaryG won games #2 and #3

+Rich in strategy options.
+Fairly quick given the game experience you get.
+Good expansion options.

 -Tough on the first-time player (seems like a lot to take in)

As the evening closed GaryB and myself agreed to walk ChrisG and DaveB through a few turns of A Few Acres Of Snow, one of my favourite games from last year.

A Few Acres is a 2-player deck construction wargame covering the French & Indian Wars of 1754–1763. It combines card play with a beautiful board to represent the areas contested by the British and the French. 

The game does have it's critics, but we absolutely love it! If it hadn't been a 2-player game, and therefore featured more at the KoffeeKlub, it probably would have been my game of the year for 2012. 

Anyway our few demonstration turns GaryB/ChrisG (The British) against DaveB/GaryG (The French) got a little heated and we saw it through to a resounding French win! Apologies again to DaveB as my competitive streak took over and I ended up running the French side when it should have been him learning the game. I'll let you play more next time... :)

You can find more of our thoughts on the game here.

A fine KoffeeKlub evening. Back on track!

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