Friday, 8 February 2013

AAR - A Few Acres Of Snow (via Yucata)

After Action Report for an online game of A Few Acres Of Snow via Yucata. In a random draw MrBingers took on the French forces vs. my British. Game on!

My British started out by taking Halifax as a bit of a distraction, before expanding in the centre, settling Albany, Deerfield and Fort Halifax. The French have managed their deck of cards more tightly and gathered some money, but have not yet elected to bring Indians into play. 

It's a cagey affair and I'm very aware of the French siege options if the decks become too unbalanced in their favour allowing them to run lean and mean. To prevent this I continue to expand, but in a controlled way, using the governor to trim my deck and keep it in check.
Early British expansion
I guess in the end my fears over a French siege or indian build-up were unfounded. Pushing through Fort Stanwix and Oswego to Fort Niagara, I began to realise that the French wouldn't have enough in their deck to trouble me before I upgraded my final few settlements and ended the game.
British expansion spells defeat for the French
A bloody nose for the Frenchies this time around as the British expansion cuts them off at the great lakes. Next time MrB, next time! 

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