Tuesday, 18 December 2012

GamesReports: 2/9/16-Dec-12 Battlestar Galactica, Dominion and Shogun

I've experienced a little bit of game fatigue over the past few weeks and selecting likely games for our KoffeeKlub sessions has been a little trickier than usual. Much of this is down to the sheer number of games played over the last six months, which has been by far my most productive gaming time ever.

Perhaps it's time to take stock and consider some new titles for early 2013. Suggestions welcome :)

They had a plan...
2nd of December Session - Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar made a welcome return to KoffeeKlub and with determination and resolve we humans intended to beat back the Cylon threat and restore balance to the universe. Hell we even reduced the food level on purpose to prevent the sympathiser becoming another Cylon player... ...It was in vain though as Cylons Chris Graham and Andy Agnew succeeded in reducing our resources and destroying humanity. Ah well...

A Busy Day On Galactica

9th of December Session - Dominion
It's been far too long since we last played Dominion, published by Rio Grande Games. Once again Andy Agnew and Chris Graham came out on top in two randomised card-set games from the original box, but as always it was lots of fun.

Dominion Day

View from the Tower - Shogun
16th of December Session - Shogun
We opened with a couple of games of Bluff, a firm KoffeeKlub favourite, before moving onto Shogun for some 15th/16th century Japanese warfare. Shogun is played over two game years, each made up of three active seasons (spring, summer and autumn) and one scoring season (winter). During the active seasons players expand their territories and construct buildings to increase their influence in different regions.

Although the map gives the impression of a risk-style area control game, Shogun is more about gaining influential control in each region by building castles, temples and theatres. In our game ChrisG took an early lead as black during game year one and remained strong enough in the central region to protect his newly constructed buildings during game year two. 

Shogun - Final Board
You can see from the final board position (left) that black (ChrisG) dominate the centre and faced little trouble from the other players once he'd built up his forces. Yellow (Me) finished second, but should have taken an early opportunity to mess with black in the centre as by year two it was too late. Purple (AndyA) and Blue (DaveB) threatened to have a mighty battle on the southern island, but a fate card prevented blue's final attack due to purple's temple. Red? (GaryB)... really had a tough time of it, finishing up with only three areas under his control.

ChrisG's dominance with black
Final result: 

1st ChrisG (black)
2nd GaryG (yellow)
=3rd GaryB (red) 
and AndyA (purple)
5th DaveB (blue)

We finished the evening with a quick game of For Sale, which ChrisG also won!

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