Monday, 31 December 2012

GamesReport: 28-Dec-12 Dreadball!

On the last Friday of 2012 I took my son Jack down to The Black Knight Gaming Centre in Larne for a try at Mantic Games newest Boardgame. I'm a big fan of Games Workshop's Bloodbowl and the classic Bitmap Brothers Speedball games so this game ticked a number of boxes for me. I wanted a game that I could play with 11 year old son so Dreadball was worth a shot.

AndyA was on hand to demonstrate the game for us and in no time Jack had a evil looking band of less than merry Orcs and Goblins facing my wimpy looking Humans. We got some of the rules wrong but we certainly got a solid feel of the gameplay in the first game. Jack's Orcs ran rampant and by the end of about four turns, called Rushes in the game, he had killed most of my team, scored a strike, and crucial removed my final player from the field. Needless to say he was enjoying himself.

We fired up a second game with Dad taking a much more careful strategy of targeting of the more squishy goblins and using dodging more often. I got the win, but some of this must be put down to a tired opponent. I can see a lot more tactical options in this game which will come to the fore after playing a few matches and having your players get more experience and abilities.

Overall I was very happy with the game and can recommend it as a light and fun game best enjoyed as part of a league.

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