Saturday, 21 July 2012

GamesReport 18-Jul-12: Buccaneer

Our regular RPG night was postponed this week, so Wednesday evening saw an impromptu meeting of the KoffeeKlub. On the table were Race For The Galaxy (RFTG), by Rio Grande Games and Buccaneer, by Queen Games.

Race For The Galaxy
We opened the evening up with RFTG, which has already seen a number of plays in July. if you want to see a little more detail on this game check out our 8-Jul-12 Gamesreport. This was Trev's first game of RFTG which is always a steep learning curve for the new player. Hopefully we covered the rules well enough to smooth out that experience.

In the end GaryB's game engine was a little more matured than either Trev's or my own and he ended up being the only one to build a "6" cost development for bonus end-of-game scoring. I really like the different strategies that RFTG offers and hope that Trev enjoyed it enough to want to pl;ay again at some stage.

Stacking Pirates? Ooh ARRR!
Our second and final game was Buccaneer, a lighter offering from Queen Games. In Buccaneer each player controls a number of different pirate counters and uses them to create a pirate crews strong enough to take on the ships on offer.

Ship Ahoy!
Each crew is generally made up of pirates from different players and once a ship has been taken players get booty depending of where their pirates sit in the stack.

Buccaneer comes across as a very light, almost play-it-with-your-kids type of game, but there is definitely enough strategy in there and for adults to enjoy as well.

Thanks to Trev and GaryB for a fun night's gaming.

KoffeeKlub League:
Race For The Galaxy - GaryB was awarded 3 beans and GaryG was awarded 1 bean.
Buccaneer - GaryB was awarded 3 beans and GaryG was awarded 1 bean.

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