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GamesReport: 1-Jul-12 Castle Panic

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The KoffeeKlub on Sunday night was a fun packed game fest as usual. Pandemic, Castle Panic and Bluff all getting their limelight through the evening. First on the stage, Pandemic. This is becoming an old foe. Blowfield to our James Bond. Dracula to our Van Helsing. In short, it's a right bugger to beat!

Pandemic: "What now?" "I dunno!"
Randomly selecting our roles Trevor, GaryG, GaryB and myself set about saving the world from the four deadly diseases. A tough battle was fought throughout the game, and slowly we cured one disease before we ran out of player cards. Pandemic is a tough game and we are only on the first tier with another two tiers above. One of which is an insane level. The next time we bring this to the table, we are going to choose the roles ourselves and distribute these roles randomly.

Castle Panic: Stay Calm And Play Co-Op!
Next up was the main feature of the evening. Castle Panic. Bought at Q-Con, Trevor brought this down after seeing it played on TableTop. You are in a Castle that is being besieged by Monsters from the forest. You are to defend your Castle the best you can with as little damage being suffered. This is a simple game to setup and play.

Castle Panic: Great draw there Trev!
Trevor started us off and off to a bad start we were. You begin your turn with drawing up to 5 cards followed by trading 1 card with another player. Then you play as many cards as you can and afterwards move all monsters 1 ring towards your tower. You pull two monster tiles from the pile adding them to the edge of the board and that is your turn done...
...well Trevor pulling his 2 tiles from the pile almost crippled us within the first couple of turns. Pulling an action tile that made him take another 3 tiles from the pile and then another that wiped out our swordsmen and knights before a tile that moved the monsters closer to the Castle. Before we knew it, it was like a scene from Gladiator with things running out from the forest at our little Castle. We had boulders rolling through our Castle and Trolls moving through our halls tearing down Towers. We depleted the monster tiles rather quickly which had me sad a little as I did enjoy this little game. I think in total it was about 45 minutes to play but seemed a lot faster. Time flies when you are having fun!

During our game, one of the other gamers came down for a visit as Trevor's wife had given us some baked goods to munch on while playing games, and he longingly looked at the cookies and cakes while chatting to us as we played our game. Shortly after, he wandered back to his own game. A few minutes later, another player came down, chatted to us a little and wandered back to his game. We never noticed anything unusual until a 3rd gamer came down in, chatted to us, gabbed a handful of baked goods and told us that the other two guys had came down to get a cookie themselves but when they were there, they went completely shy and clammed up. 
Some "shy" Deathwatch players being presented with buns
Well that gave us the idea of presenting them with a cookie on a platter and off we went. The guys were mortified when we burst through the door, cookies on a platter and presented them each with a choice of treat. I think that perhaps in future, they may not tend to be as shy as to asking us for a cookie or they may end up getting the same treatment.

Bluff:  Definitely a 4-star game!
Our final game hitting the table was a firm favourite, Bluff.  At Q-Con we had a large tournament of this game and it went down a storm. On Sunday the competition was fired up. I was out first in both games. I think I may have lost my touch at this game yet Trevor had really got his game on.

By the time I was out, Trevor still had 5 dice and GaryB had 4 and GaryG only a few. Trevor removed GaryG quickly still holding his own GaryB and Trevor started the showdown. A battle of the giants commenced with GaryB getting taken out, unfairly in GaryB’s eyes.

Until next time!

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