Saturday, 26 May 2012

Introducing ... The Koffee Klub

The KoffeeKlub is a bunch of boardgame afficionados and a club in only the very loosest of senses. The club meets once a week on Sunday evenings to play and discuss our favourite boardgames. The group originally formed in 2011 in a gaming centre in Glenoe Northern Ireland but has since moved to a new venue nearby namely Whitehead Primary School.

The name of the group originated from our other shared love. A part of the dynamic of the club was that each week someone in the group would bring a jar of coffee to the meet. There was free coffee offered by the gaming centre of exceeding poor quality and generally the coffee supplied by the KoffeeKlub is of a much improved blend.

We are currently playing a variety of classic and modern boardgames including Shogun, Tigris and Euphrates, Game of Thrones, Power Grid Manager, and many many others. One of the goals of the KoffeeKlub is to play those games that sit on our shelves and do not get the attention they deserve. Many times it is because such games require four or more players which can be hard to organise.

The purpose of this blog is to document the games we play. Perhaps in the process we will introduce games that you may also want to play, we hope so.


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